Specifications and New Features of iPhone 7

Finally, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus had been released and get the good feedback from customers. This is true, that this iPhone 7 does not provide the headphone jack any longer. But the new high technology is incredible; you can throw your iPhone 7 in water and the camera that can give you the incredible shoots.

There are several good reviews since the iPhone 7 had been launched on September. iPhone 7 also get the star reviews as well.

Apple iPhone 7 Feature and Specs

When we talk about specifications and features, this is likes long road without board. The biggest differences of iPhone 7 with other iPhone series is the fact that iPhone 7 provide you with dust and water resistance. This means hat you can get the shoots under water until 1 meter in around 30 minutes.

iphone 7

The other is dust resistance that use IP68 for your more convenience. iPhone 7 has the aluminum body that similar with the previous series. The difference is the line in the antenna. Now, the iPhone 7 still has the same screen size with others, the screen size is 4,7 inches for iPhone 7 and 5,5 inches for iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone 7 also introduces you with new colors, such as: black and the incredible jet black.

The black jet has the pure glasses like mirror and had been finished with the high gloss. This is very elegance design as well. the high gloss from the jet black of iPhone 7 has same solid level with the previous series but able shining more and may be can show more the stercth while in use. To avoid that you need cases that can protect your iPhone 7.

The back camera stands stick out, but still has the differences as well. The iPhone 7 had been supported by 64 bit of quad core and A10 chipset that claimed being 40 xs faster than A9 chip.

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