Samsung Gear S2 Gold Version

Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 is already one of the most stylish and good looking smart watches. There is no doubt that you can see the beauty of it once you see it. But for you who like to spend more money in order to get more beauty from the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2, the manufacturer gives you the choice to do so by launching the Gear S2 Classic Platinum Version and the Gear S2 Gold Version.

Samsung Gear S2 Gold Version

Among those new versions of the Gear S2, the most anticipated one is the Gear S2 Gold version. Well, it is obvious that people will catch their eyes more into something that made out of gold. Samsung do not want to joke for this one, they are using 18K rose gold with leather band that made out of ivory.

gear s2 gold

Same Inside, Different Outside

Basically you get all the things from the Gears S2 inside the gold version. The design, the specifications, and all the features are all the same, what different is the material. If you are someone with the ambition of having something flashy on your wrist, this rose gold smart watch will suitable for you. But really, the gold is all that you get from this Gear S2 version, nothing more.

You get the exact same Gear S2 inside; the performance, battery life, and everything are just the same. But the weight will be different, since the gold added more weight to the gadget itself. But considering how light the Gear S2 is, this will not have any big impact in your hand.

You still get the normal strap and of course the fancy ivory strap, as we know that Samsung give you the freedom to change the strap on your Samsung Galaxy Gear S2. Based on the information, the price for this high class smart watch is around $450.

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