As the new iPad users, you certainly need to know the iPad tips for beginners.  By getting them, you will be more delighted and excited about this device. Well, have you ever known about iPad tips and tricks iOS 11? If you have not, this time you can start to recognize them.

To know the tips and tricks is important. You will know more about this iPad and recognize the most useful, entertaining and smart your iPad can do. It can happen to you if you get the tips and tricks. Thus, try to learn the tips and tricks of this device.

ipad tips for beginners

Apple iPad Tips for Beginners that People Like to Know Much

Talking about beginners guide for iPad, there some of them that people want to learn. So, here is the list of the top three best tips and tricks for you.

  • Create Folder

To be able to create a folder in your iPad is important. With a folder, you can put and group some apps in it. So you can find the files you want easily and quickly. To make a folder, you can click on a certain app and hold your finger down. Then, you can drag the app you hold to another app. Let it go and you will see two apps in a folder afterward. You can add other apps in this folder just by dragging the app you want to the folder has just been created. You can do the same if you need to add another app. You can do it to group your favorite app or minimize the space in your iPad’s screen.

  • See What’s Running

Knowing what’s running is necessary for you. The more the apps running, the faster the battery power will lose. So, you should see it and close the apps you no longer use or the misbehaving ones. To see it is easy. You can just double click the home button. After you do it, you can see everything which is currently running in your iPad.

  • Use Control Center

This service will give you easy access to the key features of your iPad. They are like airplane mode, mute, orientation lock, and other features. To use this service, you can just swipe up the screen from the button. After swiping up your screen, there will appear some key features you can control quickly.

How to Maintain Your iPad to Run Efficiently

To make your iPad run efficiently well, there are some tips to do. Here they are.

  1. Always clean your iPad’s screen from unused running apps.
  2. Always update your iOS to the latest version.
  3. Provide a case to put your iPad.
  4. Optimize the Settings to make the battery power stand longer.
  5. Regularly back up your iPad.

Since the iPad tips for beginners are important to make you recognize more the usage of your neww iPad, you can learn them well. Thus, you can enjoy your iPad more every time.