Month: December 2018

The Best iPad Tips for Beginner’s that You Can Follow

As the new iPad users, you certainly need to know the iPad tips for beginners.  By getting them, you will be more delighted and excited about this device. Well, have you ever known about iPad tips and tricks iOS 11? If you have not, this time you can start to recognize them.

To know the tips and tricks is important. You will know more about this iPad and recognize the most useful, entertaining and smart your iPad can do. It can happen to you if you get the tips and tricks. Thus, try to learn the tips and tricks of this device.

ipad tips for beginners

Apple iPad Tips for Beginners that People Like to Know Much

Talking about beginners guide for iPad, there some of them that people want to learn. So, here is the list of the top three best tips and tricks for you.

  • Create Folder

To be able to create a folder in your iPad is important. With a folder, you can put and group some apps in it. So you can find the files you want easily and quickly. To make a folder, you can click on a certain app and hold your finger down. Then, you can drag the app you hold to another app. Let it go and you will see two apps in a folder afterward. You can add other apps in this folder just by dragging the app you want to the folder has just been created. You can do the same if you need to add another app. You can do it to group your favorite app or minimize the space in your iPad’s screen.

  • See What’s Running

Knowing what’s running is necessary for you. The more the apps running, the faster the battery power will lose. So, you should see it and close the apps you no longer use or the misbehaving ones. To see it is easy. You can just double click the home button. After you do it, you can see everything which is currently running in your iPad.

  • Use Control Center

This service will give you easy access to the key features of your iPad. They are like airplane mode, mute, orientation lock, and other features. To use this service, you can just swipe up the screen from the button. After swiping up your screen, there will appear some key features you can control quickly.

How to Maintain Your iPad to Run Efficiently

To make your iPad run efficiently well, there are some tips to do. Here they are.

  1. Always clean your iPad’s screen from unused running apps.
  2. Always update your iOS to the latest version.
  3. Provide a case to put your iPad.
  4. Optimize the Settings to make the battery power stand longer.
  5. Regularly back up your iPad.

Since the iPad tips for beginners are important to make you recognize more the usage of your neww iPad, you can learn them well. Thus, you can enjoy your iPad more every time.

Apple iPhone 6 User Guide for Beginner’s and Seniors

Apple iPhone 6 has been becoming more and more popular among people globally simply because there are many people start buying and using this kind of phone. It cannot be denied that this guide is very advantageous for the iPhone 6 users because they will know all about it including how to operate this smartphone. If you already have an iPhone 6, this is iPhone 6 user guide for you to help you use your new phone properly.

Some Apple iPhone 6 User Guide for Beginners

If you are looking for the information about user guide for iPhone 6, you might be able to read it in this article in this following details.

  • Set Up Your New iPhone 6

When you have inserted your SIM card, of course, you will turn on your phone. Soon, after you turn on the iPhone, you are going to see the screen says ‘Hello’ in many different languages. This will be your setup. Therefore, let you do what you want including choosing what language you will use.

  • Add Google, iCloud, Microsoft, Gmail, and other Accounts

In this recent era, you must use many accounts to connect with the social media. Well, even when you use iPhone, you will need to create an e-mail account to download apps. It is easy; you just need to select the setting, account, and add accounts you want to. Usually, you will be asked to fill the data like your name, id, etc.

  • Make FaceTime video and audio calls

FaceTime is one of Apple’s feature which becomes people’s favorite. It can make both video and audio calls. Usually, before you use the FaceTime, you need to turn on your internet connection, whether you are going to use the mobile data connection or Wi-Fi, it is up to you. Go to the setting, choose the connection, and tap Wi-Fi.

iphone 6 user guide

The Main of iPhone 6 User Guide you Should Know

Do you know how to download apps? Are you able to capture a picture using your iPhone? Well, here, in this article, will be explained more iPhone 6 user guide about those issues.

  • Use the Camera on Your New iPhone 6

If you like taking a photograph, you must be happy having this iPhone 6 because it has qualified camera device. When you want to take a picture, you just need to press the camera app on your iPhone, both front, and rear-facing. You might be able to select square or panoramic, photos regular, with built-in high dynamic range (HDR), filters, to video and slow-motion video, burst mode, etc. on the setting.

  • Download Apps and Games

Even though there have been many apps and games already installed on your iPhone, you might still download the other ones. That is why Apple provides the Apple store which you can download all apps and games you want without being worried of the viruses. Tap the Apple store, type the apps or games you want on the search menu, then you just need to tap download icon.

  • Set up Apple’s Voice Assistant

Sometimes, when you do not have much time to type the message, the voice assistant will be very useful. Apple has the voice assistant called Siri. To activate the Siri, you need to tap the setup Siri; then, turn it on. You will be asked to speak the phrases written so that the device can recognize your voice.

That’s all about iPhone 6 user guide which might be worth for anyone who needs or looks for the info about this topic.

Tips on Finding the Optimum Accessories for the iPhone

More and more people tend to be acquiring iPhones, as there is right now a wide range of iPhone accessories obtainable. Such accessories accessible include: automobile chargers, wall chargers, cases, pouches, faceplates, corded headsets, cell phone covers, batteries, Bluetooth, docks headsets, and much more. There are numerous main reasons why people will acquire cell phone accessories for his or her iPhone. These accessories can be purchased in many different varieties that can be used to correct, upgrade, or even improve the features and look of the phone. With all the current available options currently available, the following traces a number of tips upon finding the best accessories for your iPhone.

Apple iPhone Accessories Tips

In choosing accessories for your iPhone, it is advisable to purchase accessories which are compatible with your particular make and model. Each and every model is different in terms of bodily dimensions inspire of the jacks and also buttons being situated in the exact same position. Alternatively, many accessories for example cables and also chargers will work along with any design. Certain docks as well as music participants designed for modern models might have issues with the actual operating systems through older telephones.

iphone accessories

Once you know precisely what you need, you want to do some research and appear into all the options that are offered. One of the least difficult and most handy ways of exploring accessories is to research the Internet. You can find iPhone retailers on the internet that offer a variety of dedicated accessories with a variety of costs. You can also have a look at various accent reviews through users who’ve tried the merchandise; often available on websites that assist you find the most effective available offers. More often than not these internet retailers may beat the purchase price from any huge store, also on the same merchandise.

It is very important to obtain quality accessories in order to avoid any difficulties. Make sure that you look at the authenticity with the iPhone gadgets that you will be planning on buying, because there are a lot of fakes on the market today. The easiest way you can get high quality accessories is to buy all of them from an internet retailer that provides genuine and also authentic iPhone accessories. This may ensure you get top quality accessories and won’t experience any match ups issues. When you purchase iPhone accessories, you will get higher productivity of the telephone, as you will be capable of enhance its performance, features, and appearance.

A lot of us would not be in a position to survive without our mobile phones. Furthermore, not merely have the phones turn out to be customized aesthetically, a lot of time and is put toward customizing its functional characteristics, downloading applications as well as setting an individual preferences. That’s all about iPhone accessories tips.

The Importance of iPhone 8 User Guide You Should Know

iPhone 8 User Guide is the key for you to master and understand every feature of this smartphone. With the guide, you can explore anything you want to know related to the phone. Besides, it will help you so much when you are in trouble finding the way to operate the phone.  Therefore, as an assistant, you need to have the user guide of the iPhone 8. Moreover, besides it contains the iPhone 8 features, it usually tells about the excellent performance of the phone. So, you need to have it if you are the iPhone 8 users.

iphone 8 user guide

Some features you need to know from iPhone 8 user guide

  1. Battery

A battery is an important matter you should know since it can give influence to the performance of the phone. For iPhone 8, it is better to not replace the battery by yourselves. It can damage you if you do it. When it is not used anymore, it is better to be recycled or disposed separately of the household waste.

  1. Volume audio

With iPhone 8, don’t listen to the audio from the phone at high volume for a long time. It is not safe for your ears.

  1. Regulatory

To know the regulatory information, certification, and compliance marks related to this iPhone, you can go to Settings, choose General and then tap Regulatory.

  1. Buttons

For the buttons, of course, you need to recognize them well. When you touch the wrong buttons, you may go to the loss or even damage the phone itself. Thus, you are suggested to know them well by learning from the iPhone 8 user guide for beginners.

From iPhone 8, you need to know that there are three buttons on the left side. They are up, down, and switch buttons. Up is to raise the volume, Down is to reduce the volume, and Switch is to turn on/off the volume.

Then, on the top of the phone, there is a power button to turn on/off the phone. On the left, you can find the sleep/ wake button which functions to turn on/off the screen. On the front down of the phone, there is a Home button to make the phone go back to the home screen while tapped.

  1. Short Specification

For the specification, this phone is categorized as the good one. For the screen, it has 5.5 inches with 1080 x 1920 pixels of resolution. The technology network is GSM/HSPA/LTE. It also has dual 12MP cameras, front and rear camera. For the RAM, it is sufficient to run big apps because it has 3GB of RAM.

Well, those are the features that people commonly consider while they are reading the iPhone 8 user guide. Since it is important, you as the users should learn it before or while using your iPhone 8. You can do it as efforts to get a safety.